The Origine France Garantie label

Published on 2016-01-15

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What is the Origine France Garantie Label?

The label "Origine France Garantie" (OFG) appeared following a report by Yves Jégot concerning a request from the State on service tracking: "Finished with anonymous globalization". The "Pro France" association created in May 2010, presided over by the same Yves Jégot, therefore aims to "promote the French brand". It is on May 19, 2011 that this label is officially presented to the National Assembly and, as of the month of December 2011, it started to be actually used. Its objective is to "provide clear and precise information to the consumer on the French origin of products" as well as to "make manufacturing businesses in France known."

Can I trust this label?

Although not an official label, such as for example the label "Controlled Designation of Origin" (CDO), it consists of a private label yet much more exacting than the simple "Made in France" designation. In fact, it refers to specific criteria verified by a specialized private agency. It is thus "Bureau Veritas" (Veritas Office) that delivers both the certifications and maintains a list of certified products and brands. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind and specify here that it is therefore not a business or a brand that obtains the label, but actually one of its products or collection of products. A business is not "bound" by the label and can decide to market French products and foreign products at the same time.

What are the applicable criteria for a business to obtain this label?

The label can be obtained by any business selling industrial products, natural products or even altered natural products. The product must therefore include two mandatory criteria:
On the one hand, the marketed product must "draw its key components from France", in that the key materials of the product originate in France.
On the other hand, "a minimum of 50% of the actual cost per unit is French", therefore originates from work realized in France.
If these criteria appear simple, they still remain relatively broad and unclear. Hence, certain business sectors like textiles and agri-food businesses involve particular criteria which are often much stricter. A t-shirt, a polo or a shirt, for example, cannot benefit from this label unless the chain of alteration and processing is entirely French.

In practice, to obtain this label, a file is opened for each business. "Bureau Veritas" (Veritas Office) verifies and validates the information communicated by the business regarding their product and thereafter ensures the continued conformity of the OFG label once per year.

Hence, at stake with this certification is the garantee to "preserve employment and local expertise", "respect social and environmental regulations" and finally "master the principles of hygiene and health."

It's your move

Therefore, whether you wish to acquire a t-shirt, a polo or a shirt, the label "Origine France Garantie" offers you a guarantee of quality, ethics and national solidarity which does not have a price. You have the opportunity to have actual control over the product and value local workmanship corresponding to our social criteria in the field of labor law and human rights. We are not only consumers, we are also consum-actors. On this subject, the "Pro France" association advertised more than 1500 certifications by the end of 2014 and, according to a OSEO source, 83% of consumers in 2014 said they were sensitive to the origin of a product. This is proof of the growing success of this pioneering label. And yes, made in France has wind in its sails and you can no longer say that you are not aware...the ball is now in your court!

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