Our concept

We deem foreigners' testimonies very important and we want to give them a feel for Paris and our vision of Made in France. Thus. we came up with the idea to offer anyone with a strong artistic sensibility the chance to illustrate a part of our collection. < Br0 />
By inviting foreign artists to share their feelings about our models, we offer printed original illustrations directly on our clothes . < Br2 /> Our limited series production clothes are entirely made ​​and printed in France . See the first Luiza Laffitte collection.

Some testimonies

fabioFabio Farias -Brazilian journalist

"To me, Paris embodies the cinema and romance. I remember when I was in Paris , I felt like in a French film; I liked that feeling. "

dianaDiana Romero -Colombian teacher

"Paris is a song that follows the rushed Parisian footsteps. This is elegance, it comes from the French people's and from people all around the world who come to visit it. This is art and the bohemian life . It is a city of letters and lights but also stress and calm. It's expensive but it's worth it! "

emilioEmilio Bastidas - 35 year old engineer

"Here are some words that characterized Paris for me: museums, the Eiffel Tower, art, culture, gardens, beautiful architecture, cosmopolitan, history, fashion and shopping. "