logo luizaLuiza Laffitte

"When Sylvain asked me to collaborate with him for his collection, I did not hesitate a second ! I've been living in France for a few years now; Paris, for me, is synonymous with the romance and France with fashion and its expertise."


Luiza is 29 years old and she is Brazilian. She has been living in Nantes since 2011 where she attended Pivaut mainstream school in order to receive her certification as an illustrator .

Prior to that, she was the artistic director for the branch in Brazil. In Brazil, she worked on several projects like creating an audio book for children. This social project was sponsored by Brazilian private companies .

For example, she worked with the Nantes teaching hospital for the 2014 HIV testing campaign in France. This major project was brought back following a competition . To this day, she still receives positive testimonials for her work there.

photo of luizaHer artistic influences

Luiza has a fairly wide array of artistic influences. She collects images on every subject: see her Pinterest. She particularly follows styles like: Vintage, Art Deco , Pop Art or the Flat Design

"I see ideas everywhere and at any time. The last few minutes before sleep are the most creative for me. When I receive a work request , I automatically picture it in my head based on the description of the briefing. One of my goals is to have the most diversified portfolio possible . I like the modern approach as well as the old one, both traditional and digital alike, drawing for children but also a little more realistic ones. My designs require different techniques. I like having to change my style frequently, although I am particularly fond of watercolors and digital illustration. "

Her interests.

Luiza especially likes animated films like Pixar or Dreamworks. Nevertheless, her favorite activities are conventional 2D movies such as: Zarafa , The Secret of Kells and Nocturna . She also collects children's books. For her, the story told in books comes after the quality of the illustrations. Finally she is passionate about pets, which gives her a great source of inspiration.

Her projects

Luiza continues her work as an illustrator in Nantes and is currently preparing for the release of a new book.

The collection